Survivor League EPL- Next game week 16 on 8th December

Survivor League EPL- Next game week 16 on 8th December


New Survivor EPL starts on the 8th December, entry available now

No entries while game is in progress.

Survivor is becoming increasingly popular football prediction game, where entrants pick one team to win each week to qualify and  progress to the next round. There is one catch? You can’t select the same team twice and must select a different team each week or playing fixture week. There are many variants to this game and our rule is?, to get KNOCKED OUT and not SURVIVE your selected Team would have had to  lose..

Win or Draw your through to the next round

You need to make an entry each full fixture week during challenge until you are knocked out.

The winner is declared the last player left in league or shared if tied.

Survivor Football also goes by different names such as Eliminator Football, Suicide, Knockout, or Last Man Standing. We are currently running one challenge every 5-7 weeks and is available to join and play via our games lobby page Arena

All survivor entries must be in the day before the first match day fixture. Friday 11.59pm latest for Saturday fixtures

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  • : 2
  • : private
  • : buyin
  • : 50
  • : 5
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