How to Play

Here’s where to start and Quick guide

Once registered and logged in you are now ready to make some predictions on the Play page and able to join a league or pool within the games lobby page ARENA, where you can pit your selections against others in a Public or Private game.

Select a  game – Survivor, King of Pundits, Predictor or the Sunday MashUp, press or click  to join the challenge, pay your entry fee via Paypal if a buy in required, return to game and make your predictions remembering to return each week to continue making your predictions and stay entered in challenge.

Once you have joined a league or pool it will appear in the Leagues page and within each individual league you have joined you are able to edit, predict, view your results and leader board.

By default you have been entered into Easyfootys general classification games King of Pundits, Sunday Mashup and Predictor all via the Play page where your progress can be monitored via the Leader board Page and Results Page.
Monthly Prizes available each month to the winners and its ABSOLUTLY FREE to play

You can use the Play page to submit your predictions to all mini leagues you have joined, your very first predictions made in a playing week will be set as default and displayed across the site to save you time in filling out the fixtures scores in each competition you have entered, please remember to visit each league and submit your new entries each week. You can visit your mini-leagues via the Leagues page at any time before kick off to change if required.

Survivor games run over an unpredictable period and are available to join from the games lobby page Arena. We are hosting accouple of games each month,  lasting  approximately 5-7 weeks. Survivor game will be introduced  across site and available as a mini league very soon.

Easyfooty was created for our Pub to raise funds for good causes and to bring our Pub Pools online into the next generation. A user friendly website that can be used from grass roots football, to the Office pool and in clubs to run challenges for fundraising and Fun while keeping distant friends in contact.

We have included some exciting and fun options as well as being able to Print and share your leader board scores and results via your social media sites and able to post the Leader board onto the Pub wall.

We recommend that you read through each section below and familiarize yourself with the site, then go challenge in the games lobby ARENA or start your own mini league and invite your friends.

To enter into a Buy In or Fundraising Challenge you must be Over 18 to enter.

Games to Play

Survivor – Be the last man standing

Survivor is becoming increasingly popular  football prediction elimination game where entrants pick one team to win each week to progress, there are many variants and we at Easyfooty play ‘You must win or draw to progress to the next round, your team loses your OUT!!.. There is one catch? you can’t select the same team twice. The winner is declared the last player left in league or shared if tied.  Survivor Football also goes by different names such as Eliminator Football, Suicide, Knockout, or Last Man Standing. We are currently running one challenge every 5-7 weeks and is available to join and play via our games lobby page Arena.
Survivor entries must be submitted the day before first fixture start 11.59pm latest. i.e. Friday 11.59pm latest for game start on a Saturday.

* PLEASE NOTE, If you create your own Survivor league these are only currently available as a Private league and you must supply the given league id or code supplied on creation of game. Anybody wishing to have their league visible and available in Arena Public games lobby and contact us for approval. join


King of Pundits – score line prediction game

The most popular football Pundits game played by the football fan in their pubs, clubs and groups, is where the user predicts what he believes the fixture score lines will be and awarded points accordingly.

EasyFooty’s ‘King of Pundits’ game covers all the Saturday fixtures throughout the 38 week season with some weekends off due to Internationals or Holidays. You are awarded points for each correct Score and Result, accumulate your points and view your progress in the leader boards for each entered challenge.

As a user you can login and participant playing one or all of our 4 games for free via the Games Lobby page and watch your progress weekly, Monthly and Seasonally via the Leader Board Page or within your mini leagues, you can change these predictions anytime up until kick-off.

We have studied many different point strategies and have settled for the award of 5 points for correctly predicting the score-line and 3 points for correctly predicting the result of a Game

Sunday MashUp – Best fixtures across Europe on a Sunday

An antidote for the enthusiastic Fan, a mix and mash of Sunday games throughout the best Leagues in Europe, features up to 10 selected games. The game play is the same as the ‘King of Pundits’ please view King of Pundits above, though all games listed are Sunday Fixtures.


The Predictor 

Predictor use your level of skill, judgment and knowledge to successfully predict the finishing positions of all teams listed in the League at the finishing week of that game challenge. You will receive 2 point for each correct prediction, the winner will be the player with the most points calculated after the last fixture on the selected week chosen.
On registration you have been automatically entered into the Free Annual Predictor Competition and your progress and winner is viewable via the Leader board.  So fill in all team positions for where you believe they will finish at the end of the season, its just for Fun and title of The Predictor 2017-18.
New predictions will need to be made for each individual Predictor competition you enter and is accessible via the ‘Leagues’ page, which also shows all the leagues you have joined.

EasyFooty will run individual challenges finishing at certain times throughout the season i.e. Seasonal, Monthly, Christmas and Easter. You can enter NOW via the Games Lobby Arena or create your own mini – league. Look out for the Free rolls

All these games are Free to Play and include the facility to create your own Mini – Leagues or Pools. You can also invite your friends and associates through your normal social media sites as well as Print weekly leader boards and results. You can create your game at any point during the football seasons, from week 1 to 38 choosing which weeks suit you, the ‘league manager’. Creating Mini-Leagues for Free, as a challenge or for a good cause gives many options including, having more than one game in your league, set start and finish date with the option to select weeks of play individually, set winners and fund raising options for Clubs, Pubs and individuals, plus much more.

Notable weeks for competitions covered in each month listed.
week 1-3 in  Aug, week 4-7 Sept, week 8-10 Oct, week 11-14 Nov. week 15-21 Dec.

Notable points and dates in the season
Christmas  week 19
Just for Fun… Halloween  Fight Night Week 10

ARENA - Games Lobby - join a open challenge

Arena Games Lobby – Posted challenges open to all

This is a Public platform to post challenges creating awareness for Pubs Clubs societies and individuals to promote

Click between the 4 categories for a Challenge that suits.

Types of Challenges

EasyFooty hosted Games and Challenges, watch out for the FREEROLLS – Free to enter challenges with no entry fee, just for fun or a promotion.

Pro Challenges – Compete against like minded people who have set their own unique challenges to compete.  Over 18’s only

Good Causes / Fund Raising Challenges – From a Church Bell to a Football kit, here is where you can create extra awareness for you Fund Raising cause or help by taking part. Your challenge will be posted in Arena to help promote your cause and invite people to join unless listed as Private

Free Game Join and challenge in other people created leagues or your own, unlimited Free Game challenges.

Play Page

Play and Submit your Prefictions

Use the 3 Tabs to switch between the games while submitting your fixtures scores and predictions. Your very first entries submitted in any playing week selected will be used as your default selections and copied to all your entered mini leagues/pools, please remember to visit each and every mini league you have joined to submit your entries for that week.

Plan a head and use the slider to view different weekly fixtures making your predictions in advance and making sure you never miss a playing week

The Predictor game  only requires you to make 1 set of team finishing positions once with no further weekly participation  and ends at the end of season week 38, Leader board and Results page is available to view your progress. Predictor games can also be played via the Arena games lobby where you will see listed challenges finishing at different times through the playing season

Survivor game is currently only available to join as a mini league via Arena page, we will be introducing to this page soon and bring in line with our other games while making it completely available to create your own challenge  as a mini league.


Types of play options

Four Types of play options available in all games

Free – Unlimited free games
No current limits on the amount of Free Games you can create, so create as many Challenges as you like. Free Games can be Private between your chosen friends or made Public and Posted in the Games Lobby for anybody to join.

In this type game you pay a Buy-in fee to join the Challenge, which is collected into a prize pool for pay out based on winners. The winning Prize Pool is determine by the final entries into these challenges minus entry fee. These games are refereed to as Pro league games or Challenges. Over 18’s only

Buy in presents £5, £15, £20, £40, £60, £80, £160 and Custom Amount We do not recommend any challenge value under £3 due to high merchant fees that take away a large proportion of value.

Fund Raising Options
Raise funds for your Club or Pub by holding regular competitions; decide pay-out dividend and club commission, loads of variables at your control. Over 18’s only

All the same options as a normal mini league except you must list the nominee for the raised funds from the game, clearly providing a valid name and full address and post code for entrants to see. 

Raised funds will only be realised to the advised nominee selected on creation of game and listed in League information.

Select your pay out
Club – Prize pool
70%  –  30%
60%  –  40%
50%  –  50%
40%  –  60%
30%  –  70%

Mini Leagues

Mini Leagues – Where Bragging rights are won and Challenges made

Create your own group, pool or mini league inviting all your friends and colleagues using the normal social media websites, Play for Free  or hold a Buy-In Challenge. Running your own large Pool or mini league and would like to host your challenge here, then please contact us to start a partnership, we can design around you.

You can create and join as many mini-leagues as you like, starting from any listed week and for any duration during the listed season of games. Select 1 or all 3 games listed for your Mini – League allowing you to create your own unique challenge at any time during the season setting your desired game variables. All created leagues come with a unique password for entry into your challenge and can be either posted as public or private. Public games will be posted in the ‘Game Lobby’ and be open for anybody to join, Private games can only be joined via the ‘Join League’ page with a unique code and will not be made public.

Joining a mini league – obtain your password

To join a mini league Public or Private visit the Games Lobby and select your games or enter your invitational pass code into box provided

Once you have joined a new webpage  will open containing the game or games in your game challenge/mini league, please fill out your new predictions which are entirely unique to this game challenge and can be changed at any time via the My leagues link found within each mini league. To re-edit or change predictions in a mini league just click ‘Edit you Predictions’ box in the corresponding mini league and  this will open your predictions and submissions page.

Creating a Mini – League

You need to plan and prepare your mini league collectingall the required information listed below and an image to create your league. Google football or Trophy and you will find some good background drops for your league picture.

Name of League – Give a name to your unique league

Game – Choose your game Survivor, King of Pundits, Sunday MashUp or The Predictor .You can select more than 1 game to include into your mini league ( except Survivor ) up to 3 games for your league, creating multiply winners

Select Image – Upload your image for your league Durations of Game – The season last 38 weeks and you must select the individual weeks you want to host your league. Please note the game week we are on and make your selections from that point, you have the choice of selecting any or all of the individual weeks remaining

Duration of Game – Select your weeks of play making sure you select all valid weeks you want to include in your Challenge. You can choose individual weeks, odds and evens or any combination that suits. If you wanted to create a challenge from week 10 – 20 and include all weeks in between for your score calculation then please fill in all weeks between 10-20. Missing weeks out will not accumulate the points towards your mini league totals with in that game challenge and be void

Type of Game – Select the option for hosting a Free, Buy-in, or Fundraising.
Maximum number of players – Select your numbers of players in your Pool/Group
Private or Public – Both come with unique passwords to enter, Public game will be posted in Game Lobby for anybody to join and Private will remain exclusive.

Public or Private Games – Public games will appear in Games Lobby for anybody to join and Private will not. Competitions wanting to keep the prize pool in house should only select private and only give out password to selected members.

Type of Game – Free, Buy in and Fundraising.

Once you have submitted your game challenge you have the opportunity to Edit, Delete or Publish your game, please review and select the appropriate action. When you are happy with your site publish and then copy your newly created unique password and distribute as required.
All predictions can be made in advance, up to week 38 when available, use the weeks slider bar left and right to scroll between the different weeks listed to make your selections, not forgetting to click the Submit Button to upload your predictions.

Multi Choice – mini leagues

When creating your mini league you have the option of selecting 1, 2 or all 3 of the following games, Pundit, Sunday MashUp and Predictor, this will give you 3 tabs within that league page to click on, from these tabs you can then easily switch between the selected games in your league to see who’s top of the leader Board, Results and view your progress

Leader board Page

Leader board Page – View your overall positions in each league

The leader board page shows scores for players accumulated over the playing weeks during the full season for the listed games ‘King of Pundits’, ‘Predictor’ and The ‘Sunday MashUp’. You can view your scores Weekly, Monthly and Seasonally. To partipate in this games you go you play page and predict. This is a fee platform open to all

Results Page

Results Page – View your scoring for the last week

Check your weekly scores on the main platform via the 3 game tabs, King of Pundits, Sunday Mash-Up and Predictor as soon as the fixtures finish. The results page will automatically open on current week and use the down slider button to view previouse weeks.

Your individual mini leagues ‘Results’ as above can be viewed at the bottom of the that unique league page under the leader board standings. This enable you the user to have all the relevant information together in your mini leagues to view your progress all in one place

Leagues Page

Leagues Page – View and edit your current joined or created leagues

View, edit and check your currently running game Mini League Challenges by using the tabs to switch between  league games. Click on individual leagues to see detailed information regarding that game challenge. Information included includes; Chairman, password code, free or buy in, Type of game, number of players entered, duration, if you have already joined and placed your first submissions., game Published or pending.

Within each Individual league you can view the leader board and results unique to that challenge, all available for easy viewing in one place

Once you have created your mini league you can edit your predictions anytime up until kick off using the Edit Predictions button also located on the leagues view page. You can also Publish your newly created page after viewing from location.

Once games are finished and completed they will disappear from the Leagues page and will be available for viewing in ‘Participated Leagues’ in your accounts page top right hand corner of webpage.

Entry Fees

Entry Fees

With the need of a Bank Merchant to deal with Buy-ins and Fundraising games, your money transactions incur handling Fees and administration cost. With EasyFooty being a good platform for people to raise money we endeavour to keep the fees low, increasing the Total Prize Pool and commission

Entry fees. £5=65p, £10=85p, £20=£1.40, £50=£3.50, 6.% on all above amounts. 0.65p on all custom values below £5

All transactions are through our merchant PayPal and no payments are made through our website. On entering a buy in challenge you will be transferred to Paypal’s encrypted  website where you can log in or pay your fee as a guest. On receipt of payment you will be returned to Easyfooty website after notification from paypal 



On completion of an entered league where a Buy In to enter as been made, the winner or winners will receive their dividend within 7 working days and divided as per created league. There are no tie breakers or golden goals and all dividends and bragging rights are equally distributed among’st the winners as per entered league. It’s just for Fun and to create awareness where needed, so let’s play….

The winning Prize Pool pay outs are as follows minus entry fees for 1,2 or 3 winners

1 selected  chosen winner for challenge 100% per league
2 selected winners for challenge per league 70% – 30%
3 elected winners for challenge per league 60% – 30% – 10%

Play Information

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