Create your Own Mini League or Pool

Create your Own Mini League or Pool

Mini Leagues – Where Bragging rights are won and Challenges made

Create your own group, pool or mini League inviting all your friends and colleagues using the normal social media websites, Play for Free or hold a Buy-In Challenge..

You can create and join as many mini-leagues as you like, starting from any listed week and for any duration during the listed season of games. Select 1 or all 3 games listed for your Mini – League allowing you to create your own unique challenge at any time during the season, setting your desired game variables. All created leagues come with a unique password for entry into your challenge and can be either posted as public or private. Public games will be posted in ‘Games Lobby’ and be open for anybody to join, Private games can only be joined via the ‘Join League’ page with a unique code and will not be made public.

Joining a mini league – obtain your pass code

To join a mini league you must obtain the unique password to enter that game challenge via invitation or from an open posted challenge in in the Games Lobby ARENA.

Once you have joined a Challenge a new page will open containing the game or games in you challenge, please fill out your new predictions which are entirely unique to this game challenge and can be changed at any time via that created league link found on ‘Leagues Page’ with your mini leagues/pool visible in the My Leagues page’.

All predictions can be made in advance, up to week 38 when available, use the weeks slider bar left and right to scroll between the different weeks listed to make your selections, not forgetting to click the Submit Button to upload your predictions.

Creating a Mini – League

You need to plan and prepare your mini league collecting all the required information listed below and you cab use your own Graphic if required.

Name of League – Give a name to your unique league

Game Choose your game, King of Pundits, Sunday Mash Up or The Predictor .You can select 1 or all 3 games for your league

Select ImageUpload your image for your league or leave blank to use site default image

Duration of Game Select your weeks of play making sure you select all valid weeks you want to include in your Challenge, you can choose individual weeks, odds and evens or any combination that suits. If you wanted to create a challenge from week 10 – 20 and include all weeks in between for your score calculation then please fill in all weeks between 10-20. Missing weeks out will not accumulate the points towards your mini league totals with in that game challenge and be void.

Maximum number of players – Select your numbers of players in your Pool/Group

Public or Private Games Public games will appear in Arena for anybody to join and Private will not. Competitions wanting to keep the prize pool in house should only select private and only give out password to selected members.

Type of GameFree, Buy in, Pre Paid and Fundraising. Here you select the type of game you would like to Host and this will change some options listed  in the mini leagues creation box once selected.

Maximum number of Players Set your maximum number of players from 20, 50, 100 or unlimited

Once you have submitted your game challenge you have the opportunity to Edit, Delete or Publish your game, please review and select the appropriate action. When you are happy with your site publish and then copy your newly created unique password and distribute as required.

Multi Choice – mini leagues

When creating your mini league you have the option of selecting 1, 2 or all 3 games, this will give you 3 tabs within that league page to click on, from these tabs you can then easily switch between the selected games in your league to see who’s top of the leader Board and view your progress

We have many exciting additions under development and we will be introducing an OPTION for an OVERALL leader board league table  that will slot next to the other game tabs within that mini league. The overall leader board box will be available soon in your league creation box and if selected (optional) it will show the combined points from all leagues within that challenge producing an overall leader board in the selected leagues for that game challenge once published

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