Competitions Running

Competitions Running

Next competitions all Week 16 8th December 2018 .

Survivorbe the last man standing  –  open to join now

 Pundit Games
 There are 2 different Pundit Games you will be able to choose from, King of Pundits and The Sunday MashUp
Competitions can run from 1 week to the full 38 weeks covering every Saturday/Sunday game listed in the advertised league and points are accumulated weekly and updated when results are finalised. The overall winner is the player with the most points, winning the advertised Prized title of ‘King of Pundits’ or ‘The Sunday MashUp King’ and any other prize listed.
Easy Footy will be hosting Free and Buy in games monthly and look out to join fellow members created mini league pools. Available to Play for Free and in Pro League for over 18’s , both will be combined for your overall position in the seasonal competitions, your last entry will apply if you are entered in more than one Pundit game where your points are accumulated to crown the seasons winner. All your entries for Survivor must be in the day before  match play.

Start your own game and league, see mini-leagues for more information

POINTS AWARDED AS FOLLOWS 2 points for correctly predicting the result of a Game and 5 points for correctly predicting the score line


Survivior Games
Predict a Winning Team or Draw to progress to  the next round of Survivor Game, you LOSE your OUT!!, no life’s or bye’s. One catch? you can’t select the same Team  during duration of game
, so select wisely. Playing fixtures every weekend as per the advertised week, no midweek games.
Eliminator, last man standing in Pool is the winner and claims the prize. Prize shared if remaining contestants all go out same game week. Regular Free and pro hosted games available

* PLEASE NOTE, If you create your own Survivor league please not these are only currently available as a Private league and you must supply the given league id or code supplied on creation of game. Anybody wishing to have their league visible and available in Arena Public games lobby and contact us for approval. join via the Games Lobby.


Predictor Games

Predict the finishing position for every team listed in the league presented from position 1 to 18+, collect 2 points for every correct position you predicted correctly at the end date of that game challenge, winner is the player with the most points. You can view your weekly scores and how your selections are fairing with in  that mini league in your ‘My Leagues’ page
Free and buy-in hosted competitions every month and seasonal games too, find your challenge in the ‘Games Lobby’


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